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What is a forced marriage?

It is a forced marriage:

  • if your parents or family decide who you should marry.
  • if nobody asks you whether you want to marry or which person you love.
  • if you do not want to marry, have not given your consent, pressure is exerted on you or you feel force

You have the right to freely decide whether and who you want to marry!

Love and honour have got nothing to do with force!

No religion allows forced marriage!


There are many ways that girls can live their lives!

  • Our aim is to empower girls and young women, who  are threatened or concerned by forced marriage, so they can live a self-determined life, according to their own wishes and ideas.
  • We will inform and support you, if you are, or could be a victim of forced marriage.
  • We are a team of intercultural, all-female consultants and we can speak German, Turkish, Kurdish and English. For Albanian and Arabic we use translation services.
  • The counselling is free of charge and anonymous and it can be online, by phone and “face to face”.
  • Of course, we advise boys and young men, too, and arrange help for them with some corresponding institutions.

We are there for you!

Take your chance and make the first move! We will support you. Together we will find a solution – no matter how hopeless you may consider your situation. If necessary, we can find secure and secret accommodation for you, where you will be protected from threats and violence.

There are alternatives and ways out!

Would you like to contact somebody,

  • who understands you and your fears and supports you?
  • who takes you , your wishes and plans for the future seriously?
  • with whom you can be upfront no matter what the topic is?
  • who can help you to make the decision most suitable for you?

We assist you in making your own decision:

  • if you plan your life in a different way to your parents and they don’t want to accept it!
  • if you are afraid of getting married against your  will!
  • if you have already been forced into marriage against your will!

The choice is yours!

  0521 - 17 88 13