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When schooling becomes a nightmare

Stress with teachers and parents

School is a place where many things happen. For some it is a pleasant place, others hate it and are haunted by it every single day. When a girl feels uneasy about going to school, the reasons for this can be very different. Perhaps you are under stress in relation to your teacher, you think you are treated unfairly or not taken seriously? You get bad marks, you keep on being cautioned although you haven't done a thing and you have got the feeling that whatever you do the teachers do not recognize your true self. This may eventually result in your refusal to go to school anymore.

School can also be a controversal subject between you and your parents once you do not get the marks they expect from you. They get annoyed when you bring home bad marks and they punish you by means of restrictions, house arrest, and so on – resulting in your being in a bad mood indeed.

It may also be the case that your parents refuse to give you the permission to participate in a class trip – but you really want to join your classmates by all means and you do not understand your parents at all.

Another reason could be that you have got stress with your classmates. You do not get on well with them and you do not know what you could do …. this may even end up in what we call mobbing.



Das Foto zeigt zwei Hände, die eine Art Voodoo-Plüschtier halten, in dem Stecknadeln stecken.

Do you know the feeling of having to go to school the next day and simply being afraid of it? It's all the same each and every day: you are given hell at places you simply can't avoid.

Mobbing can happen in different ways: we talk of mobbing when every single day you are being discriminated, humiliated, beaten, laughed at or not noticed at all. When you are being mobbed, every single day means hell for you and this may become a real burden for you. It is particularly bad for you when a whole lot of people around you notice your problems but nobody helps you and nobody takes a stand against it. It's not your fault that you are being mobbed as this can happen to anybody: because you wear the 'wrong' clothes, because you belong to a different religion or because the others have simply decided that you are not one of them ...

Mobbing can also turn out differently. In the era of mobile phones, iPhones and internet other persons may take photos or video clips of you and publish these in the net without your consent. This is called 'cyber mobbing' and, unfortunately, not unusual anymore. Perhaps you are the victim in these video clips and it is very difficult for you to do something about it. It may also happen that your classmates spread lies about you in the net and speak ill of you bringing you into disrepute. Even if it doesn't look this bad at first sight, it can hurt you badly. Standing up against all this is not easy but there is always a solution even though you can't see a way out.

For more information on the subject 'mobbing' we recommend the following websites


What can you do:

Do not think that you have to fight a lone battle against all the others, you can ask for help! If you need to talk about your experiences concerning mobbing or stress at school

  • Look out for someone whom you can trust (for example, a teacher, a friend, a social worker at school).
  • In many cities there are counseling services who can help you.
  • You call one of the emergency phone numbers and talk about how you feel. You will get support straight away on the phone.
  • You can write us an email.

  0521 - 17 88 13